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tv   Headline News  RT  July 11, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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you know me very low. life they are to new central eleven pm the russian bound russian plane rather bound for cuba takes the paris d. to avoiding u.s. airspace buggie a media frenzy tonight over whether whistleblower on the run edward snowden could be on board what we told an aviation expert about what's really behind the change of course coming right up. also headlining washington set to deliver a four fight suggests to the egyptian military as president obama refuses to call the overthrow of the muslim brotherhood a coup gyptian is to criticize u.s. involvement in the country's affairs. british lawmakers warn the toppling the assad regime in syria could have disastrous consequences in a report highlighting the threat of radical militants getting a hold of chemical weapons. and a high profile corruption case draws to
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a close here in moscow as of course pam's down a guilty verdict against late russian voice again that netsky accused of helping a company to evade seventeen million dollars in taxes. over getting cheaper just joined us just past eleven pm now here in moscow my name's kevin now in this is anti international first then reports the cuba bound plane from moscow has changed its course earlier on today have stirred up speculation that the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden could be on board aeroflot flight su one fifty s reportedly avoiding u.s. airspace and have valor is believed to be snowden's most likely transit point where not if he decides to fly to latin america where three countries have offered him political asylum or discuss this. mccauley.
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usually the su one hundred flight from moscow to havana so passes the atlantic over europe partly passing the greenland the u.s. territory and then lands in havana now we're getting reports the plane is taking a route directly across the atlantic right now ok you look at the map that's the obvious way to go because it looks more straightforward but of course it's a globe this is actually the more straightforward route than this one well in the first place this route as far as i know is deemed more risky because flying above ocean is always more risky and arafat in fact has been has been flying this route with the red dotted line for for many years now it's really hard to understand why exactly decided to change the world now but we'll know that for sure when the plane lands in havana at about midnight g.m.t. in about five hours from now so just spelling you know if it goes this way that way it's avoiding u.s. airspace it's in international airspace and above international waters where is the
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boundary where america can say you're out of space or far does it go well according to international law the the airspace stretches twelve kilometers from the mainland so obviously if the plane goes by this route it will avoid the u.s. airspace but keeping in mind what happened in europe when the bolivian president was flying from moscow and several countries denied airspace he had to have or across europe and find some place to land to refuel his plane it just happened basically we could go keeping in mind that there is mounting speculation that edward snowden may be on board this plane flying now from moscow to all of us don't get just a couple of weeks ago all those journalists packed on the last flight to share much of an aeroflot flight there was an empty seat those journalist going oh no he's not here on a flight for twelve hours going nowhere for no reason that kind of thing happening again of course well certainly i mean when twenty fourth of june everyone was expecting snowden to board that flight you can see in the picture. here people are
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filling his empty seat in the air force plane he didn't arrive to on board eventually and the plane took off with the journalists on board basically they just had a three day holiday and a whole day in havana doing absolutely nothing because that wasn't on board ever since has been a sheremetyevo and it's a mystery where he's going to just talk about that rather unusual track of this plane tonight crissy a navy asian expert you can join us now on the line from. there chris if you can hear us hello good evening. ok. chris one question to you brooke correct me if i'm wrong but taking at the wrecked flight across the atlantic as we just explained is it more risky than flying across europe and passing greenland and the u.s. territory. you know. yeah i suppose you could argue that it's. more risky to take the routes that this aircraft is taking because it's not following that great circle route that you mentioned before but having said that you know the
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westbound transatlantic flights take particular tracks that are predicated determined by the weather conditions will climb having checked the weather conditions the prevailing situation at the moment or that strikes it has to be sad that it's likely that mr snowden isn't on board that airplane it just happens to be at the north atlantic tracks have been moved south because of the weather conditions that happen to be prevailing over greenland and parts of iceland at the moment by chris we know you're not a betting man i'm going to put you on the spot again what she definitive on this is there but snowden on the plane or is he not on that plane well that's anybody's guess and that's you know i would suspect that the transit area that mr snowden is purportedly in is probably the most watched the most availed. area of any airports anywhere in the world so it's probably unlikely goodies managed
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to leave and get on a plane but who knows where. with a bit earlier on well meanwhile u.s. government efforts to convince the public that intelligence leaker edward snowden is a spy and a criminal appear to be failing a recent poll found that most americans approve of the whistleblowers actions while only about a third viewed negatively snowden faces espionage charges in the united states for exposing the extent of his government's secret surveillance network those revelations implicated not only officials but also the country's biggest telecom and internet companies too but one small internet providers owned a big reputation for resisting pressure from the national security agency and shielding its users data the founder of exhibition paid ashton spoke to me earlier . we have had situations where people inside the attorney general's office of slandered my business and said that we're supporting criminals we absolutely do not support criminals we just ask for
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a proper warrant and that seems to be too much to ask most of the time or the other issue is that we saw with the n.s.a. . exposure that google and microsoft and apple and others who are supposedly cooperating. they're probably charging for that privilege so they're making a financial decision to open their networks for inspection by the n.s.a. and it's not worth it to me to do that i don't want to live in a surveillance of society and i'd rather stick by what our constitution says that we're protected by we surely i guess said the beginning and that johnson got less to lose that big business is the gutless to fate of night yeah absolutely and but it's funny because i've got more to lose i mean i couldn't fight a protracted court battle but i'm willing to do it i'm willing to go to jail to protect my customers from being wholesale only monitored i find it surprising that a company with the resources of google isn't more circumspect about the information
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they're giving away and what they're selling it begs the question how long this has been going all that doesn't it of course a lot of may be familiar with that i think it's just come out now with snowden it is revelations is that what you think of him i think he's a hero and i think he's doing the right thing i think it's shameful that he's being treated like a criminal for standing up and reporting what i believe are illegal acts by our government people shouldn't be treated under the espionage act is the obama administration has done so many times to people standing up and believing what is going on is wrong otherwise we have no recourse to turn our government around. while you can from all reactions would snowden's avalanche of leaks website that we give you a timeline documenting the events as well as the impact of his revelation. let's focus in on egypt for a bit shall we the u.s. has decided to go ahead with the delivery of four fighter jets to egypt despite president obama's order to review military aid to cairo now this comes at
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a time of deep divisions in the country where emotions are running high after the overthrow of president mohamed morsi last week but let's take a closer look shall we at america's role in the country back in twenty eleven when hosni mubarak was still in office see egypt receive one point three billion dollars worth of military aid plus a much smaller two hundred fifty million dollars economic support package to buy it was an ousted in two thousand and twelve morsi became the new president his muslim brotherhood movement had the approval of the u.s. government which continued to provide pretty much the same amount of aid and that aid situation still remains largely unchanged despite the political turmoil gripping egypt and the lack now of a legitimate government well if america's plans remain unchanged the support is set to continue into next year too but none of this cash has improved the lives of ordinary citizens in egypt r.t.l. true picks up that side of the story for you tonight. the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy remain steadfast they're continuing their sit in another city
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in the capital they held a symbolic funeral for the dozens killed in violent clashes on monday morning between security forces and members of the sit in they marched from their mosque where this ongoing protest is happening to the presidential palace where they had a kind of standoff with republican guards this comes at a time when there's been an arrest warrant issued for the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood mohamed. for inciting violence on monday if he is that this arrest will scupper any plans for the missing brotherhood's participation in this time here in egypt on monday the interim president for his part issued a roadmap to egypt in the form of a constitutional declaration it said that there would be a new constitution and parliamentary and presidential elections within the six months this was rejected by the most brotherhood and its political party the freedom and justice party. all the way through wait for the election when it was
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deliberate that most or whatever and then the military would come back in one year and say just repeat everything again start another start to this what we are trying to say all is not about morsi is about the values meanwhile the u.s. have responded in a manner which it doesn't necessarily reflect what commentators are saying here which was this is a military coup if this is labeled as a coup this would affect u.s. assistance to egypt the latest reports are that the u.s. are sending four x. sixteen fighter jets to egypt in the next few days this is part of a larger package of twenty fighter planes which eight of which were already delivered in january the spokesperson for the white house for his part said that they would it was not in the interests of america to reconsider its package of assistance to egypt although president obama has. promised to look into the aids and the plan for american support of egypt in the future of course when
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a bell true there well while egyptians disagree on who should lead them most seem to share the same view on the u.s. role in their country has shown a new survey let's put it on the board shall we in may american research has found that nearly eighty percent of egyptians do not approve of the u.s. role in the country with in fact only sixteen percent holding the opposite view now when asked about president obama's foreign policy almost two thirds gave negative answers seems egyptian perceptions of a bomb are steadily worse and since he took office back in two thousand and nine the majority of respondents also disapprove of america's military and financial aid to egypt they see it as an addiction that arms the country with egypt still feeling the aftershocks of the twenty eleven revolution washington's image is unlikely to improve either is artie's poor sleep. their message is clear they want the army out and morsi. but there's another message in between the patriotic chants anger against the west for its sinus and implicit support for
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a military coup just about to start much oh oh oh i thought i was home if the egyptian street is littered with anti obama posters and each day more new ones appear we set out to find out who's making them and found the this is one of the oldest print shops in cairo in the last two years it's printing presses have grind to a halt we found the same in the shop and this one instead of making a killing there on the verge of bankruptcy things have not been going so well since the revolution things were better before we've been so slow for the past three years in that time i only had ten clients asking for posters so who is responsible for the anti american posters i'll search reach to date in but by is up plentiful and hatred against america is growing each year was. gives cairo one point three billion dollars in military aid if america causes
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a coup it will be forced to stop but many fear the decision to say nothing except that it is reviewing the situation will ultimately backfire and feel hatred towards the us and i think that america did dealing with things in double standard so i would say i thought i might have to give up a woman for a mosque is. equal to one thousand men standing supporting morsi and for different reasons there's no joy from washington even from the people who want to live in the states how madonna holds both american and egypt and citizenship two months ago he sold up ready to trade cairo for tech says he feels washington is too deeply embroiled in internally gyptian politics and pulls the strings from afar i have no problem with american people have problems with american politics which try to interfere in the way we want to live and that's not right with washington and its allies refusing to show strong reaction to the recent turbulent events in egypt some feel it's
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a love hate affair between the two countries. we all have friends on the person. we are we have the fine this being said you don't expect that somebody will love sort of betrays you will. disappoint sure or does not understand you or deliberately. if you truth as the unrest on egyptian streets grow many worry the brotherhood now having tried democracy and seen it fail will resort to arms it spells disaster for everyone from the protesters on the streets to the people who just want a quiet life like mohammed in his printing shop all that president obama typically committed himself to saying is that he is deeply concerned by what is have. being here in egypt meanwhile the it's no wonder then that posters like this will continue to be popular no matter who put it same policy r.t.
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cairo when we bring you the live scene from egypt every night whether it be tahrir square or nasa city a suburb of cairo these pictures from there right now in fact where thousands of mohamed morsy supporters have gathered to protest against his overthrow leaders of morsi the muslim brotherhood earlier edge supporters to take to the streets the show of must have fired so against the military as you can see they're out there again tonight we saw a similar scene yesterday as well and talking to paula slayer as well arty's middle east correspondent she's regularly posting updates on the developments in egypt over on twitter one of her latest tweet she says that more people have been killed and injured indeed in street and rest of the party. but in the entire year that morsi was in charge and if you want to keep up to date with what paul is saying it's paula underscore r.t. thanks for being with us after the break a look at back and forth allegations of chemical weapons use in syria.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm target market is a big issue. well to the. audience technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've gone to the future covered. the official. language stream. favorites. now with your mobile
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device you can watch r.t. anytime anywhere. fall of the assad regime in syria could have catastrophic consequences because of the threat of chemical weapons stockpiles ending up in the hands of radical militants that is indeed the conclusion of senior british lawmakers in an intelligence and security committee report which appears to be that in stark contrast with the government's pro-rebel stump's warning come shortly after russia said it had solid evidence that rebel groups in syria had used chemical weapons in a deadly attack on the city of aleppo back in march the samples have been handed over now to the united nations washington said skeptical over russia's findings which contradict the white house's early claims that government forces were behind chemical attacks those allegations were used to justify
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a decision to arm the syrian rebels but u.s. lawmakers are holding back on the promised weapon supplies fearing they could end up in the wrong hands antiwar campaigner richard becker told me that moscow's findings should be enough for washington to reconsider its pledge of lethal support it so should be an eye opener for everyone who has any doubts about what's going on the this latest report from russia oh regarding use of chemical weapons by the opposition the intervention policy rather it's going forward with the training of the forces of the opposition the syrian opposition are even now pouring in finding that the cause is really disarray because there is a great deal about position inside the united states and there is you know you get inside the congress there is a great concern about where this will lead to and whether or not it will lead to a regional war or something even wider if you know. says goes forward with its
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plans to achieve its objective which is overthrowing the government. here in moscow the late lawyer sergei magnitsky has been found guilty in a high profile tax evasion case the court also handed down a guilty verdict against his former boss william broder to he was head of the hermitage capital fund which was represented by magnitsky. reports let's go court has ruled that auditors again magnitsky who died in custody in two thousand and nine is guilty of tax evasion similar look at the ruling has been brought. william browder u.k. citizen who refused to attend court session who was also sentenced to nine years in prison in absentia now according to court documents and to witness testimony both. of them started an elaborate scheme of tax evasion by essentially employing so-called dead souls people who were either disabled and couldn't work or people who were who were dead by essentially putting them on the list of people who
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supposedly were working for browder thereby embezzling more than seventeen million dollars now the case is guarded a lot of attention because prior to his arrest and subsequent. covered elaborate corruption scheme which involved some high ranking russian officials and human rights activists in russia and abroad claimed that this was partly the reason for my skis demise in the prisons the case has enough not to breach russia's borders even bringing to the diplomatic route between moscow and washington because u.s. officials adopted so-called magnitsky act which prohibited some sixty russian officials from entry to the united states and using their banking system hasn't turned their own list of american citizens who are banned from entering russia because of their alleged crimes against russian citizens or violation of human rights the big news headlines tonight the devastating floods in china's sichuan province that claimed at least thirty one lives to read chill rains have triggered
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slides of the worst flooding in a century destroying homes leaving dozens of villages cut off from supplies most of those thirty would love to swim today according to latest reports over a million people in such one have no been affected by the tragedy dozens more have died since the weekend in several regions and over seventy are reported missing. the lives of five people the first blast killed three civilians and then the second left two police officers dead as they rushed to the sea no group said they did it but similar attacks have been launched by taliban fighters spiralling in the water or nation just weeks after the nato security handover to local forces. average household debt in the united kingdom's risen by over forty percent in the past year and it's the payday loan sort of making a killing on people's meeka finances some even charge exorbitant interest at over five thousand percent while the government's trying to crack down on the creditors over what it calls widespread irresponsible lending but as artie's polyploid to
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reports next there's still sadly a last resort for many low income families. louise or and her husband were bankrupt when she took out her first payday loan she couldn't afford to pay it back sometimes they would call up and so do you want to sew your jewelry do you want to . take up or take out another day learned that one and have a has more money and they still call of louise's to loans of two hundred fifty pounds each ended up costing over two thousand pounds the financial pressure meant that louise's two sons had to relocate to live with their birth father once. it just seemed to continue forever and it's still like that now even though it's been. eight months after we've paid them off and we're still going it tough last year stretched budgets meant that britons took out two billion pounds worth of
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short term loans it's a burgeoning industry but it's taken hold it clee leaving government regulation to catch up you know it doesn't matter how careful you are with money sometimes you pay just one stretch far enough but there are remarkably few rules that govern how payday lenders operate customers are been refused credit by banks and here we go off they have every other means of securing a loan can simply apply online and most are approved within moments which means they can get their hands on the cash within minutes they're in problem is paying it back payday lenders can charge any rate of interest they like often up to five thousand percent the industry's been accused of bullying borrowers into taking out multiple loans lending money to drunk individuals people with mental health issues and even children the office of fair trading has told the u.k.'s fifty biggest lenders to stop handing out loans irresponsibly we saw
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a couple last year between the director of thirty six i think it's due to a combination of which used to come. the government needs to come forward with a rigorous plan in order to better protect us from. longer is the u.k.'s largest payday loans company is new head of public affairs used to be an advisor to david cameron leading to accusations that the company is lobbying its interests with the government longer reportedly paid for meetings with conservative ministers they paid a in excess of opposing to have a fifteen minute vote with somebody from government. that's not right you're using your employees were told you have money and because they want money for their relation with these companies no government money for nothing they are wanting from . the train of return we're wanting it for people to back off and to be free up to this double they have. councils up and down the country have blocked access to
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payday loan websites from computers in libraries and public buildings to stop constituents being tempted by instant cash that will plunge them into debt. with. and you know petro do you think you're going to pay it back in ten days well you won't say you hope to but when it comes to that day and you have got it's a sense to say. that many struggling britons despite being warned are still finding the instant cash altie tempting. london a web service twenty four seven dot com for news when he wanted from us no one is waiting in the wings much and co the cause report probing the murky world of companies that run prisons for profit tonight.
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many in latin america are furious at the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so president of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man plus you've got to get that stone guy at all costs right well one man's delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and
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when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane searched it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it do any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to ground morale. would deer do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser proffering is a legal term that refers to promotional statements and claims that express
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objective rather than object of views and so no reasonable person would take these statements literally and the united states the federal trade commission generally will not pursue such cases involving obviously exaggerated or puffing representations an example of such puffery the finest fried chicken in the world for example or from the world of politics i think i'm a pretty straight up sort of guy from banking your money is safe with us from an auditor we didn't see anything wrong here or finally from a rating agency this triple a to explain more on this we go to stacy herbert stacy well max one of these rating agencies of course is s. and p. standards and poor and the s. and p. reasons puffery defense against u.s. ratings case the us sued new york based s. and p. .


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